Innovative and flexible solutions are our guiding principle
Rotakett will develop, produce and market high-quality self-adhesive labels to leading users within the food, drinks, chemico-technical and technical industries.
Rotakett will be a leading player within combination printing, with excellent product knowledge and a personal service.

We will be an innovative and flexible partner.
In order to achieve all of the above, we need good profitability achieved through long-term thinking.

We make products into personalities
What exactly do we mean by the short text under our logo, "We make products into personalities"? A product without a label has no personality! Our goal is to give every product its own personality so that it stands out and is distinct from other similar products. That's why we ensure we match the label with the product and give it that "little bit extra" required to be visible on a shop shelf.

In order to achieve that, we need expertise and sensitivity: expertise in how to manage the entire process from concept to finished label, as well as a familiarity with new technologies and materials. Sensitivity to the idea that professional pride occupies an important place, together with service-oriented thinking and a sense for what hits home with end consumers.

On top of this comes integrity. As we sometimes work with customers within the same sector, it is important to ensure that the individual needs of each customer are met and that they are not all treated identically simply because they are in the same sector. It is only then that each product can be a completely different personality.

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