Rotakett is building a new factory together with Adhtech
Together with our sister company Adhtech we are building a completely new factory outside Väla, south of the E4. It will give us twice as much space and much more suitable factory, storage and office premises. Moreover, there is potential for further expansion. With shared premises we can also achieve greater efficiency in the companies' production flows, while simultaneously improving stock-keeping, delivery capacity and delivery service.

Exciting hologram label for Hennessy Cognac

We can now proudly announce that we have designed a completely new variant of exciting, attention-grabbing three-dimensional hologram labels for the French brand Hennessy Cognac. The aim has been to arouse maximum curiosity about the label and the package. To achieve this, the label not only has its 3D materiality but also creates a very exciting effect thanks to hot-foil and screen printing. It has been possible to produce the labels thanks to our unique know-how in printing techniques and the close cooperation with our sister company Adhtech, which did the converting. See Hennessy's campaign film here.

Gallus RCS 330 makes us unique in Scandinavia

With this new press we get faster input and output, significantly increasing our flexibility and productivity. In addition, we can do even more technically advanced printing on the labels and thus offer exciting new label solutions. We are in fact the first printers in Scandinavia to have a Gallus RCS 330, a multi-million investment.

Give your labels a third dimension
We can now give life an extra dimension! Thanks to an agreement on collaboration between Rotakett and Rolling Optics, we can offer fantastic hologram labels that strengthen your security and trademark identity. Or you may choose them simply because they look so good. These labels open up completely new possibilities as regards both creativity and security.

HD Flexo - printing with revolutionary eye appeal
Soon the technical problems of flexography will be a thing of the past. Together with our partner Linds Flexo we are among the first companies in Scandinavia to invest in HD Flexo. We have already delivered the first labels printed with HD Flexo plates.