3D labels

With a three-dimensional label, it is possible to create effects that a two-dimensional label cannot touch. For example, labels with depth, floating patterns or patterns that appear or change character depending on the angle at which the label is viewed. Production takes place in several stages, and together with AdhTech, at Rotakett we customise the 3 D label entirely to the customer's demands.

Another advantage of 3D is that the label is unique and so the authenticity of the product can be guaranteed. Eye-catching, impossible to copy and easy to apply - three major benefits of 3D labels.

Case study: Hennessy
We can now proudly announce that we have designed a completely new variant of exciting and attention-grabbing three-dimensional hologram labels for the French brand Hennessy Cognac.

Case study: Grazette XL

When Grazette of Sweden was considering relaunching its hair care range XL, it was felt that something new and unique was required to reach consumers. With packaging that is a little larger than the competitors', there is a sense of added luxury, a sense you are getting a little more for your money. But something more was needed, something that gave the product a profile all of its own.