Labels that create relationships

At Rotakett, we want to participate in your product's success! We are good listeners, which drives us forward; it has developed our customer relationships with partners and has driven us forward in terms of technical development.

We possess machinery that can print up to 10 colours in combination with UV flexo printing/screen printing/hot or cold stamping. From exceptionally small volumes in our smaller presses to larger production runs in our larger presses. Everything necessary so you can profile your product as advantageously as possible.

We have huge experience of different materials and processing techniques, as our customers have sometimes asked for unusual options.

We also have extensive experience of the application of labels, as we previously worked with dispensing machines, which we also take into account when selecting materials, adhesives and any finishes.

Under the headings "Drinks", "Chemico-technical", "Foodstuffs" and "Special" you will find exciting labels that we have produced and information on the product, the purpose of the label as well as how we produced it.

Under the heading "Customised solutions" you will find unique label solutions that we have produced.